From major switching and data centers to remote shelters and computer rooms, NetSure DC power systems have the features and proven performance to match your network application needs.

NetSure 7000 Series

The NetSure 7000 Series of DC power systems is ideal for applications ranging from radio base stations and small offices to large office and data center facilities requiring high power efficiency, reliability and system availability in a small footprint.

NetSure 5000 Series

Discretely power critical infrastructure at the edge of your network with optimized management, security, and control. This series of flexible DC power systems is designed for wireless access and fixed network applications offering unmatched temperature performance and high power density.

NetSure 8000 Series

The NetSure 8000 series high-density power systems offer the increased flexibility of a cabled plant in centralized or distributed architecture systems. 5800 watt rectifiers deliver up to 16,800 amps of power at -48 VDC. Individual power and distribution bays may be configured to meet any application requirement. These NetSure systems are designed to support wireless and wireline applications including, central offices, MTSOs, data centers and head-ends.

NetSure 1100 Series

The 1000 Watt high-efficiency Netsure 1100 Series, R48-1000C, is designed for applications with low power requirements, such as small cell or DAS sites.

Never Overheat

Cooling Solutions

Find the perfect solution for cramped quarters requiring temperature and humidity control for sensitive electronics. Or find systems also designed to be convenient for the people sharing space with the protected equipment.

NetSure 500 Series

Flexible DC power systems available in integrated, bulk output shelves or externally mounted distribution panel systems.

NetSure 700 Series

Modular NetSure 700 Series DC power systems provide -48VDC, +24VDC or a combination of both voltages at up to 4000 amps

NetSure 200 Series

Compact DC power system combines reliable rectifiers with an advanced Ethernet-accessible controller.