Liebert’s environmental systems are the perfect solution for cramped or large quarters requiring temperature and humidity control for sensitive electronics. And while the systems are matched to meet the needs of computers, they are also designed to be convenient for the people sharing space with the protected equipment.

DS Direct Expansion Cooling System

As the world’s most flexible and reliable direct expansion data center cooling system, the Liebert DS improves data center efficiency and protection. The system uses the industry’s most advanced thermal controls and features a modular design, multiple compressor options and easy service access.

PDX Compact DX Cooling System, 11-29kW

The Liebert PDX direct expansion cooling system offers the industryís highest efficiency, protection and capacity per footprint for server room cooling. network closets and other small spaces.

Liebert CRV In Row Cooling System, 19-40kW

The Vertiv Liebert CRV system offers highly flexible, in-row cooling for data centers requiring higher density cooling with greater efficiency and capacity.

Mini-Mate, Ceiling-Mounted Variable Capacity Cooling, 10.5, 14 & 17.5kW

The New Liebert Mini-Mate 3, 4 and 5-ton (10.5, 14 & 17.5kW) variable capacity system is an efficient and reliable ceiling-mounted precision cooling system for edge computing and other small IT spaces. It saves customers money and increases IT protection through a high-efficiency variable capacity design, fast installation, lower maintenance requirements and built-in remote monitoring and management.

Mini-Mate, Ceiling-Mounted Precision Cooling System, 3.5-28kW

The Liebert Mini-Mate is a zero footprint computer room cooling system for 7×24 temperature and humidity control and air filtration. It installs above a dropped ceiling and is easy to service, requiring only front access for maintenance.

DataMate Mission Critical Cooling System, 5-10.5kW

Liebert DataMate is a small footprint cooling system for 7×24 temperature and humidity control in network closets, computer rooms and other small spaces. Its low profile permits floor-mount or wall-mount installation, and requires little or no floor space.

Keep Going

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Today’s converged networks require increased availability and reliability. IT professionals require higher density power protection systems that adapt to mixed load voltages and plug types, while remaining easy to install and maintain.

PCW Compact Chilled Water Cooling System., 11-29kW

Liebert PCW chilled water data center cooling system offers the industryís highest efficiency, protection and capacity per footprint for server room cooling. network closets and other small space air conditioning.

CW Chilled Water Cooling System, 38-440kW

The innovative Liebert CW system lets you rapidly deploy chilled water capacity, achieve higher efficiency and use less white space. It offers the industry’s widest range of capacities, featuring the industry’s most advanced controls and innovations, such as optimized coil design that maximizes capacity and efficiency even at high entering water temperatures.

DSE Free-Cooling Economization System, 50-250kW

Reduce costs and increase economization hours with the highly efficient Liebert DSE Packaged Free-Cooling Solution. The Liebert DSE is the world’s most widely deployed pumped refrigerant economization system for data centers, with over 6,000 installations.

XDC, XD Chiller and Pumping Unit, 160kW

Coolant chiller unit available in an air cooled configuration with remote condenser. In conjunction with the Liebert XD Cooling Modules, the Liebert XDC system can cool more than 30kW per rack.

Piggyback Indoor Condenser, 16-98.4kW

Liebert Piggyback air-cooled condensers support indoor applications where outdoor heat rejection is not practical, such as high-rise buildings or areas with restricted access

XD Refrigerant-Based Cooling Modules

Liebert XD refrigerant-based cooling modules deliver high-density cooling with highly flexible configurations for floor-mount, rack-mount and ceiling-mount applications.

Powerful Solutions for Critical Data and Telecom Applications

DC Power Solutions

From major switching and data centers to remote shelters and computer rooms, NetSure DC power systems have the features and proven performance to match your network application needs.

Liebert XD Pumping and Chiller Units, 130-160kW

The indoor Liebert XD Pumping and Chiller Units include the Liebert XDP and the Liebert XDC units. These refrigerant-based systems support Liebert XD System spot/zone data center cooling modules, including the Liebert XDO, Liebert XDV, Liebert XDH, and Liebert XD CoolFrame units. The Liebert XDP is used between the cooling units and an associated heat rejection system, while the Liebert XDC is used between the cooling units and a chilled water system.

Outdoor Drycooler, 7-525kW

Liebert outdoor drycoolers provide free-cooling and reliable heat rejection, using pumped glycol heat-transfer fluid.

MC Microchannel Outdoor Condenser, 28 – 220kW

The Liebert MC Microchannel Condenser is an outdoor air-cooled condenser that provides higher efficiency, while using less refrigerant. Features such as variable speed fans, advanced controls and a microchannel coil make this system uniquely innovative.

FIN/TUBE Outdoor Condenser, 17.5-210kW

These easy-to-install and service air-cooled condensers for outdoor heat rejection are precisely matched to the requirements of Liebert data center cooling and fluid chiller systems.

DMC Indoor Condenser, 5-18kW

The Liebert DMC is an indoor, water/glycol condenser designed for the Liebert Datamate cooling system.

MCD, Indoor Condenser Unit, 7-28kW

The Liebert MCD is an indoor, air-cooled condenser that works with the Liebert Mini-Mate2 and Liebert DataMate.

PFH Outdoor Condenser, 3.5-28kW

The Liebert PFH is an outdoor air-cooled condenser designed for the Liebert Mini-Mate2 and Liebert DataMate.

DCW Water-based Cooling Modules and Racks, 50kW

The Liebert DCW cooling system includes the Liebert DCD fanless chilled water door and the Liebert DCP Coolant Pumping Unit to supply chilled water to high density racks. The modules offer an alternative heat removal solution to critical applications where the hot aisle/cold aisle approach to cooling is not practical.